What we do

Charles Nielsen Enterprises, from an original blueprinted formatted design, manufacture a range of inflatable products of different shapes and dimensions, incorporating FISTFree-flowing Inflation Self-closing Technology

CNE manufactures and distributes into a variety of commercial and ethical sectors.

  • Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

CNEs patented sleeping mattresses, was specifically designed for use in humanitarian, disaster and crisis situations.  

CNE work in partnership with manufacturers of water filtration / purification systems and flood prevention / defence systems.

  • Military

CNE, utilising its current product range, provide products for the military. They are quick and effective solutions which combat fatigue and provide relief in hostile and crisis situations.

  • Advertising and Promotions

Our promo cushions are innovative, functional, and fun promotional products, which are used at outdoor and sporting events.

  • Camping and Leisure - general outdoor lifestyle

Our products can easily cross sector. We have cushions and mattresses that can be customised for self-branding / marketing. 

  • Food storage products

Introducing Snack Sack