Military and Special Projects

Charles Nielsen Enterprises, utilising its current product range, design products for the military to provide quick and effective solutions to combat fatigue and provide assistance in hostile and emergency situations.



The primary mattress on offer to todays military is a foam roll mat usually attached to and swinging from the outside of a back pack. It weighs approximately 1Kg. The roll mat provides limited warmth or comfort in comparison to the CNE mattress.


CNE's single use sleeping mattress is a viable solution customised for the armed forces 


  • CNE's mattress can be individually vacuum packed to optimise space. 
  • CNE's mattress weighs less than 200grams, a 1:4 weight saving advantage.
  • CNE's mattress is simply to decamp in hostile situations - puncturing with a knife, quickly bailed , leaving no trace.


The mattress is a quick effective solution to overcrowding when there is a shortage of beds in field hospitals and in a hostile theatre.



CNEs Promo cushion can be easily adapted. By increasing the width and inserting eyelets it can be tied to the body to act as an instant buoyancy aid.


Single skin life rafts used in smaller aircraft can be an issue with cold water where hypothermia can quickly set in. The cushion provides a small but effective barrier to combat this issue.


Both the cushion and mattress can be used as a splint in fracture situations. Once inflated, either can be easily wrapped around a fractured arm or leg to provide instant support and pain relief.