Corporate statement

Charles Nielsen Enterprises mission is to provide the best possible, quality solutions at the most cost effective price.

Client promise

CNE prides itself on giving the same level of service and support to all its clients regardless of size. CNE provides a considered, reliable and professional service, with a client comes first attitude.  CNE is a proactive, organised company with systems to ensure that we are able to deliver our products quickly and efficiently. This is of particular importance when supplying our clients in the humanitarian and disaster relief sector, to enable them to react to difficult situations when disaster strikes.


CNE has a solid platform on which the company can grow, expand its product range and client base. CNE views its employees as a key asset to the longevity and success of the business and has a responsibility to maintain excellent working conditions and a stress free environment. CNE is an equal opportunities employer.


CNEs production plant is a clean non toxic environment. CNE puts the health and safety of its employees at the forefront of its business. As our business evolves CNE will continually seek to improve the well being of its current and new employees.


CNE is mindful to ethically source the materials and manpower requirements used in production. CNE is cautious to minimise its carbon footprint by combining logistics with others, wherever possible.


CNE has charitable causes at its heart.  Please go to the links page for further information.